Barking Lot Dog Park

Saluda Shoals Park is home the the Barking Lot Dog Park, a  two-acre fenced, off leash area for dogs to run and play. Owners of well-mannered canines who enjoy a good romp have access to a fenced, off-leash area for their pets. The Barking Lot features three small bone shaped pools for dogs to cool off in in the hot summer months and a gazebo for owners to relax in.

Annual Barking Lot Pass

All dogs must be current on required shots and spayed/neutered. Other policies apply. The Barking Lot is open during normal park hours.
Fee: $40 per year. Each hang tag is good for up to two dogs in the household. Additional dogs require a second pass. Parking Fees also apply. Annual Parking Pass: $45 per year or Daily Parking Fee: $5 


Barking Lot Partners

SC Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care