Youth Sports

Youth Baseball

(Spring Season)

Age 3-4         Tee Ball
Ages 5-6       Modified Coach Pitch Baseball
Ages 7-8       Coach Pitch Baseball
Ages 9-10     Minor Baseball
Ages 11-12   Ozone Baseball
Ages 13-15   Boys Baseball
Ages 16-19   Majors Baseball
Baseball meets two to three times per week.  ICRC will provide a game jersey, hat, and socks.  Some leagues may interlock and may involve travel for some games between Crooked Creek Park and Seven Oaks Park.

Windmill piching delivery

Youth Track

(Spring Season)

Ages 6-14
Participants will meet two to three nights per week, with track meets on Saturday mornings.  ICRC will provide each runner with a track jersey.


Golf Lessons

Pee Wee Golf

Ages 4-9 


Junior Golf

Ages 7-15


Participants will take group lessons at George Bryan Golf Academy.  Golf instruction is provided by the George Bryan Golf Academy.

Tackle Football

(Fall Season)

Ages 9-10

Ages 11-12

D Team

Participants will have 2 practices and 1 game a week.  Participants are required to have mouthpiece, shoulder pads, pants with pads, helmet with chinstrap.  Cleats are optional.  ICRC will provide game jersey and socks.  Players ages 9-12 must register at the park to be weighed. 


Ages 8-14

Participants will practice 2 times a week with games on Sunday afternoons.  Participants are required to have lacrosse stick, full padding (boys only), helmet (boys only), goggles (girls only), and shoes.  ICRC will provide game jersey.

Cross Country

(Fall Season)

Ages 6-14

Athletes practice twice a week, and will participate in 3-4 Saturday meets throughout the season.  Running shoes are required.  ICRC will provide cross country jersey.

For more information, please contact Brian Riddle for Seven Oaks Park athletics or Paul Atkerson for Crooked Creek Park athletics.



Youth baseball player batting

Youth Softball

(Spring Season)

Ages 7-8    Coach Pitch Softball
Ages 9-11   Fast Pitch Softball
Ages 12-14 Fast Pitch Softball
Participants will meet two to three times per week on nights to be determined.  ICRC will provide game jerseys, socks and hats.  Participants must provide a glove, softball pants or shorts, and either tennis shoes or cleats. 

Track starting line

Youth Soccer

(Spring and Fall Seasons)

Ages 4-18

Participants will meet twice per week on nights to be determined.  ICRC will provide a jersey, socks and shorts.  Participants will be required to provide tennis shoes or cleats and shin guards.


Flag Football

(Fall Season)

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-11

Participants will have 1 practice and 1 game a week.  Towards the end of the season, they may have 2 games per week.  Participants are required to wear mouth pieces for all practices and games.  Cleats are optional.  ICRC will provide game jersey and socks.



(Fall Season)

Ages 5-14

Participants will practice 1 to 2 times a week and cheer for a youth league football game.  Participants must provide bloomers and skirt.  ICRC will provide top and pom pom. 

Youth Basketball

(Winter Season and select ages in Summer Season)

Ages 5-18

Gym shoes are required.  ICRC provides game shirt.