Crooked Creek Park & Melvin Park Tennis

Lessons for beginner, intermediate, or advanced players are taught by Kevin Rubink, our Tennis Coach. Lessons are taught primarily at Melvin Park's Tennis Center. Payment must be made at the park front desk prior to lessons. Crooked Creek Park 803-345-6181, Melvin Park 803-345-8113.

 Kevin RubinkKevin Rubink, Tennis Coach

Meet Kevin Rubink! He is the ICRC tennis coach at Crooked Creek Park & Melvin Park. 

Kevin Is a professional tennis player and international coach.  He has 35 years of sports experience including 23 years in master class tennis. You can reach Kevin by email at to start scheduling your tennis experience today! He can also be reached by phone at 703-772-6673. 


League Play

USTA league play is available year round for all levels and all divisions. For additional information on all Tennis Programs: Crooked Creek Park at 345-6181.