New Recreation Software Now Available for Account Sign-ups


Please take a moment to set-up your PerfectMind account. 

We encourage all patrons to create their PerfectMind Account before activity registration. Once an Account has been created, you will have the ability to add family members.  Online capability to register for activities or make membership purchases will begin to roll-out to the public by fourth quarter 2019.

Below are detailed instructions on how to create a PerfectMind Account.

How to Create an Account:
  1. Click on the link:  ICRC Account Set-up
  2. From the login homepage click on the ‘Create an Account’ link at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the next page complete the fields and click ‘Submit.’
  4. A box will appear and tell you that you have successfully set-up your account and a temporary password has been emailed to you.  
  5. Be sure to save your login and password for future use. Please note that once you create an account you can manage your login and add your family members (children, spouse, etc.) to your account.
  6. If you have difficulty creating an account online, please see or contact staff at any one of our parks for assistance Crooked Creek Park @ 803-345-6181, Saluda Shoals Park @ 803-772-1228 or Seven Oaks Park @ 803-772-3336.